Love For Your GOOD BODY

Love For Your GOOD BODY

I wanted to share with you the why and how of our two newest additions to the Swell Skin family, our GOOD BODY Series:

1. The Why is Love.  (wish the why in almost everything was always for love - nice thought!) We knew we wanted to share the love, healing and effectiveness of Sea Buckthorn with our body.

We researched the best and most innovative solutions to hydrating skin while keeping oil as our base - (because as we know by now, oils are so much better for your skin than creams or lotions). However, we also knew we did not want a greasy feeling body that you can get with some oil moisturizers. We discovered the best of both worlds.

Our GOOD BODY Dry Body Oil Moisturizer locks in moisturize, restores, and hydrates with sea buckthorn, calendula, orange peel, rosemary and more, while leaving a soft skin with a luxurious glow and a residue-free feeling. You can dress right after you moisturize.
Smells heavenly!

Our GOOD BODY Hydrating Body Wash is our version (for the body) of our best selling BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar.

Once you take this with you in the shower, you may not come out.  It is difficult to express, how wonderful the wash luxuriously lathers and immediately goes about hydrating your skin for a silky smooth, clean and nutritious cleansed GOOD BODY.  Full of sea buckthorn, coconut oil,  aloe, astragalus  and more, this body wash softens skin beautifully.  We all shave with this for a silky, smooth legs.  Gentle scent of fresh picked oranges so we blend in nicely with our dry body oil.

2.  The How is Patience. All good comes to those who wait, or something of the sort. We certainly have waited for these 2 new items. Our apologies for its lengthy journey into your homes but we are adamant that we will never sell anything to you that does not meet our highest quality standards. Which is why we rejected several versions of these items until the perfect one was discovered and tested…over and over and over again.  We tend to be a bit Type A in regards to quality, customer service and most importantly, RESULTS.

Thank you so much for your patience and support of Swell Skin thought out the years.  I say this with all my heart and all my truth. We could not have done this without you.  You are the very reason we are here. THANK YOU!!!!
Your role is the most important and we hope we can keep supporting you!

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