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SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I am mid 40s and I have used a lot of different natural products to help with seasonal dryness, seasonal oilies, and still occasional acne! This Buckthorn Oil has been my year-round go to product. At least ten consecutive bottles I have used. Takes about 3 weeks to have it take effect when you are new. Worth it!"
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I always try to catch this oil on sale, but will not be without it. I love this product as all your oils, creams and soaps are excellent."
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"Good things certainly come in small packages, like Swell Skin Sea Buckthorn Oil. This little magician will moisturize, penetrate, keep wrinkles at bay and make you look and feel your best! Works well alone or under make-up - never greasy or oily - a little goes a long way - what more can I say?"

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Bare Bare Essentials Natural Skincare Set

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SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I LOVE ALL of your products! I’m a long time customer of The Bare Face facial treatment - HANDS DOWN the best face treatment EVER! I shared with my husband how much I love this miracle face soap and now he uses too!  It has helped fade my brown spots, keeps my pores small, it’s truly amazing!"     - Jeanne

The Booster Set with EVERYTHING Serum

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SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I have finally found my HG serum! It has all the ingredients that one needs for a day and evening anti-aging routine; Vit C, Hyaluronic Acid and the Tri-Peptides! I have the most sensitive skin and I was very skeptical ... I have been searching and have been having a reaction to everything that I have tried. This serum is amazing!! It is gentle, calms my sensitive skin and is moisturizing at the same time. I add oil at night after I pat the serum on clean skin and add moisturizer in the day (if I feel I need it) ... it all works beautifully! Kelli has done her home work and has created a miracle serum that you can actually see the results! (not to mention the very fair price for such a fantastic product!) Thank you!"     - Isabella

The Booster Set with HYDRATE & RADIATE Serum

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SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I was a dermatologist wife for 20 years. It has its perks when it comes to getting to try all kinds of new skincare products for free! So I actually know what works and what doesn’t. And I also know about the ingredients that goes into the products! Another perk you could say I guess! Well most products are a lot of unnecessary ingredients and chemicals that could end up in someway potential skin damaging or pore clogging and very little of the good ingredients that you have paid a lot of dollars to receive and not get. As my husband would call it a lot of garbage ingredients. Then all companies compete with and copy each other. It’s a very competitive market. Now that I put that out there that is 100% not the case in anyway shape or form with this product and company!!!! I have used the soap and the oil now for actually almost a week! It is and performs exactly as promised and described at one of the best prices available!!!! This is now and will forever be my skincare line! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this line!"     - Jennifer

The Gotta Have It All Natural Skincare Set

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SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I have been using the cleansing bar and oil for almost two years and I love them! Several friends remarked about how good my skin looked and wanted to know my secret. I happily recommended your products and they have all been as satisfied as I am. I just ordered and received the Bare Face bar, Everything Serum, Hydrate/Radiate and Tight Toned. I've only been using them three days and I have had two total strangers come up to me and remark about how gorgeous and young looking my skin is!"     - Antoinette

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