Swell Skin Bare Face Facial Treatment Bar

Sea Buckthorn Facial Treatment Bar


Why do we call this facial treatment bar BARE FACE? We named it because of your comments about how you can now “bare your skin” without make up. Your effect’s from using the BARE FACE bar have revealed beautiful, lit from within, glowing, healthy skin. THANK YOU for your reviews!

This 5 star facial beauty bar comes highly praised by its perfectly, balanced formula of powerful ingredients (Sea Buckthorn and more) that results in the beautiful skin you have come to expect from us. This antioxidant-packed treatment bar adapts to all skin types and knows just what your skin needs to beautify its appearance and give you results. Think you have to wear foundation to achieve radiant skin? Well, no more! Our one-and-done BARE FACE facial treatment bar gives you the results and confidence to bare your natural, beautiful face.


  1. Airbrushed Skin
    Women all over say “the bar gives you air-brushed skin, just from washing!”
  2. Moisturizing Bar
    Loaded with sea buckthorn and other botanicals for an intensely moisturizing experience.
  3. Only 2 Products Needed
    Our 2 products manage 95% of your skins needs; just add oil.
  4. Multi-Purpose Treatment
    Our bar manages to cleanse, restore, nutra-moisturize and fortify for beautiful skin.
  5. So Fast and Efficient
    We don’t think you should have to wait long to see beautiful skin.  Users report waking up to restored skin.
  6. Our Customers Agree
    Daily testimonials from our users report their “best skin ever”

Lather bar, massage over face and rinse.  You can leave the lather on for 30 seconds or so if your skin needs an extra boost.  The bar is gentle enough to use daily, For best results, follow up with the Swell Skin Sea Buckthorn Oil.  Store in a covered soap dish for longer life.

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