Swell Skin GOOD BODY Series Sea Buckthorn Body Wash plus Dry Body Oil Spray


The luxurious effects of Sea Buckthorn you know and trust, now for your body!

Our GOOD BODY series features Moisturizing Dry Body Oil Spray and Hydrating Liquid Body Wash both with the superpower of sea buckthorn plus so much more! A new whole body experience for pampering and reviving your good body with a fresh orange peel scent.

Swell Skin Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Dry Body Oil Spray

Moisturizing Dry Body Oil Spray

Our NEW obsession! - Already a huge hit, our hydrating dry body oil restores, hydrates and nourishes skin with special moisture-locking compounds.The long lasting bottle of luxurious yet lightweight oil quickly absorbs, leaving no residue, just the fresh scent of orange peel and glowing, soft supple skin. Easy-to-use. Just spray onto damp skin after shower and enjoy a soft, radiant, summer glow.

  • Luxurious, lightweight, antioxidant-rich oil for happy, healthy skin
  • Locks in moisture and softness with sea buckthorn and so much more!
  • Delicious & energizing orange peel citrus scent
  • Fine, lightweight, fast absorbing mist
  • Easy to use spray bottle
  • Dries quickly, without residue. A little bit goes a LONG way!

Swell Skin Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Body Wash


3 in 1 Hydrating Body Wash

Another wonderful cleansing plus moisturizing experience similar to our beloved facial treatment with a fresh citrus scent for an energizing, whole-body experience. Full of antioxidant rich ingredients for a uniquely satisfying experience of pure cleansing with hydrating botanicals to also soften skin.

  • Same wonderful cleansing + moisturizing as our BARE FACE skincare
  • Moisturizes while you wash with sea buckthorn, aloe, and coconut oil
  • Nourishes skin with antioxidant-rich ingredients for soft-supple skin
  • 3 in 1 body wash that cleanses, nourishes, and moisturizes head-to-toe
  • Moisturizing lather doubles as a rich, smooth shaving cream
  • Refreshing citrus scent invigorates and washes away your cares



We are officially obsessed with our new additions, we hope you will be too! We cannot wait to hear your response. CONTACT US with your thoughts on our two new products or leave a product review to share with everyone. We are sure you'll LOVE your new results!


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