Swell Skin Wrapped & Ready Holiday Savings Event - Free Gift Box with 15% OFF Plus Free Shipping*


SWELL SKIN Wrapped & Ready 15% OFF BARE FACE Duo Sale

Gifting just got a lot easier! Gift them smooth, clear, radiant skin! Don't miss out on Swell Skin's WRAPPED & READY BARE FACE Duo Holiday Savings Event and WOW everyone on your holiday list this year with their "Best Skin Ever"! Make last-minute gifting simple with our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar and BARE FACE Facial Treatment Botanical Oil Duo with Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Decorated Box! Now, for a limited time, a decorative gift box is included when you add both the BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar & Botanical Oil, plus get 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING*! Fully assembled, packaged, & ready to surprise! Give them the gift of GORGEOUS skin!!

Add both our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar and our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Botanical Oil to your shopping cart and enter promo code "WRAPPED15" at checkout to get Decorative Gift Box Packaging Plus 15% OFF on your order Plus FREE SHIPPING*! Don't Wait, Offer valid this weekend only!! 

SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I have been using the oil and cleansing bar since I saw an article about Kelli in the Plain Dealer several years ago. I have tried a few other products in between, but have always gone back to this. I have given it as gifts, and many of my friends are now using it. I just love how it makes my skin feel, especially through these dry winter months."     - Sharon
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"When I became pregnant with my 1st child 7 years ago, my skin turned against me and I have searching for a solution to the dryness and blemishes ever since. I stumbled upon Swell on Instagram and was drawn to the simple and cheerful branding and the small list of ingredients. I purchased this facial bar and the One and Done Moisturizer and have been so amazed. My skin is smooth and dewy and my tone is even. Please please never stop selling these products!"     - Megan
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I cannot get over how amazing this product is. I was initially skeptical about a bar of soap being so beneficial. However, after just the first use my face was GLOWING! I like to leave it on for a while when I’m in the shower to reap the benefits. Everyone needs this product!"     - Heather
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"I love the smell of this oil and it makes my skin look and feel amazing. I'm 44 and I was lucky in the genetic lottery to get very nice skin but when I wash with the facial bar and then add this treatment oil, I don't need makeup at all. At 44 that's a miracle for anyone! I am going to also try the plain sea buckthorn oil and a serum and see if I Read more about I love the smell of this oil and it can get even more amazing results."     - Sarah
SWELL SKIN 5-Star Reviews
"First things first: LOVE the bigger size of the bottle.
Second, & more importantly, the smell is fruity & makes me feel happy.

I'm a lifelong sufferer of acne (40+ yrs of it). For years I've kept it at bay using Swell Skin facial bar + oil. As one would anticipate multiple vials of oil get used during the lifespan of one bar, so having an ounce is less of a hassle as far as ordering goes. I love this stuff. I feel like the new Bare Face oil gives me the same outward feeling & looks of the sea buckthorn oil, but with the extras in it, hopefully more is going on below the surface than I realize. I don't have to wear make up anymore, if I don't want to, thanks to Swell Skin products. My face & neck are smooth to the touch & not oily/greasy-feeling. Either oil is an essential to me now. I've had 2 aestheticians say to me (after offering their high-dollar products & my refusals), "Well, whatever you ARE doing, keep it up! Your skin looks great."     - Michelle

** 15% OFF "Wrapped & Ready" discount only applies to combination of 2 products - BARE FACE Facial Treatment bar & BARE FACE Botanical Facial Treatment Oil - 1 oz 30 ml
** Must add both products to cart and use promo code "WRAPPED15" at checkout to receive discount.
** Offer cannot be combined with any other discount. Offer ends at midnight PST 12/8/2019.
** Discount applies to the above mentioned product combination only.
** The "Wrapped & Ready" combination of the above 2 items plus gift wrap qualifies for free shipping.
** Gift box packaging available to U.S. orders only.

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