• Instantly healing, I cannot believe how fast this works!
          - Kim

    For the first time in my life I believe I have skin that looks airbrushed, especially my cheekbone area....AMAZING!
          - Tina
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my skin, for the first time in my life.
          - Jenn

    I tested half my face and the results on that half were so amazing that my husband is using it now.
          - Denise
  • My breakouts are over, I rarely get a pimple anymore. THANK YOU!
          - Annie

    I hope you make these products forever cuz you have a life long customer!
          - Beth
  • The "elevens" marks on my forehead are gone after using the serum, I can't believe it could do that.
          - Laura

    Holy cow, this stuff is AMAZING!
          - Cristin
  • Your products have helped heal my skin when most dermatologists could not and for much less money. Thank you!
          - Adam

One good ingredient
changes everything.

no needless products, no hassles, no harsh ingredients, just perfect skin.
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Authentically and
passionately derived.

formulated by a homeopath/herbal specialist whose life is devoted to healing naturally, every day.
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Expect miracles.
thousands of women are switching to Swell Skin.
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this really works  
Last year, Swell Skin helped improve thousands of complexions across the country.

Proven results over and over again:
Swell Skin performs! Our clients across the country say, “Please, don’t ever stop making this - air-brushed skin - I’m cured! - My fine lines are actually gone - Holy cow, I LOVE my skin and the daily comment.... it’s a miracle worker”

Measuring Performance Daily
How do we measure performance? If you love the clarity, the luminosity, the even tone, the “airbrushed skin” look as much as we know you will. Well then, we have performed - OVER AND OVER again, for thousands of people, every day. - Both the Swell Skin Face Treatment Bar and the oil of sea buckthorn are loaded with sea buckthorn which delivers the nutrients from what is known as “the most healing berry of all time” directly to your skin to work wonders you can’t even begin to imagine. Some say it is their new religion.

One good ingredient changes everything:
For over 1000 years sea buckthorn oil has been gently yet effectively healing skin of all sorts of maladies. We often hear “what doesn’t this oil do?” The oil comes from the sea buckthorn berry, a plant that has the reputation as being the most perfectly balanced plant in nature. With 190 bioactive ingredients,all 4 omega acids, crazy amounts of vitamins A, C, and E. The berry is rich with healing properties beyond what we have come to expect in moisturizers.

A Skin Regenerator
Sea buckthorn oil is widely known to regenerate skin; it’s regenerative properties are endless. Needless to say the berry is widely known as having unsurpassed anti-aging and healing properties. It is even used in the burn units in most major hospitals as a skin regenerator. Now with that knowledge, imagine what it can do for your skin. When you have one powerful ingredient that does it all, you don’t need 6 different products. Our simple 2 product line manages to do what 6 different products do with better results.

Only 2 products 24 hours/7 days a week:
Only 2 products to manage 90% of skin’s needs: You heard us correctly, 90% of your skin's daily issues are taken care of right away, normally within the first 24 hours. That’s all we have and all you need. You don't have to wait months or even weeks to see results. We are very serious about this. We don't offer what you don't need. Our face treatment bar is referred to as the “Swell beauty bar”. Beauty editors across the country have said “it gives you air brushed skin without having to use foundation anymore” A high compliment! “acne gone, rosacea gone, uneven tone gone." just "Clear, luminous skin!" We love our feedback, keep it coming!

Immediate Results
Sea buckthorn oil has a reputation for softening lines, plumping skin with moisture, healing skin inflammation including acne, rosacea and many more serious skin conditions. Known as a skin regenerator, this super healing, multi-tasking oil commands great respect among legions of users. We often cannot keep the product in stock.
about us  
We couldn’t be more serious about our commitment to transforming skin care into something that you can rely on over and over again, EVERY DAY, for the rest of your life. We see no reason to switch products as your skin changes since the products constantly adapt to whatever challenges you are facing. It is as if the products intuitively know what your skin needs.

Why is a “forever use product line” so important to us?

Hi, I am Kelli Klus, founder of Swell Skin llc and alternative medicine practitioner. I remember the years of battling bad skin, waking up each morning wondering what I would encounter when I looked in the mirror. After trying so many products and spending so much time, effort and money I took the matter into my own hands. Through research while obtaining my degree in herbal medicine, I came across a 1000 year old skin regenerating plant called sea buckthorn. The oil from the berry along with a several other ingredients I concocted, healed my skin the next day and since then, I have never had to deal with problem skin. In fact, the products work so well that I am in maintenance mode and use them solely for obtaining ‘airbrushed skin” every day. Regardless of my skin’s occasional challenges, age, sun, infections, spots, acne. rashes,redness etc. the products work immediately to heal each and every one of these problems. I know how happy I felt knowing that every day I could rely on these products to give me the best skin of my life, forever. And not just for me but for thousands of women across the country. The products work perfectly for teen, adults, women and men, any age, any skin type, any problem. We get such fulfillment knowing we have helped thousands of people to love their skin again or for the first time to finally love their skin.

What else is so important to us?

Relationships. We are a small company that invests in community and is in constant communication with our customers. We can never imagine not responding to a request or a problem or just to have a cup of coffee and talk about life. Please feel free to contact me anytime for any reason. We are here to make you happy and to never, never inconvenience you in any way. We often send out free products just for being our special customer and to show our gratitude. My email is info@swellskin.net

Healthy Healing. I am a firm believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the proper environment. The only way to guarantee you won't battle cancer or heart disease is to never get cancer or heart disease. How do we do this? Prevention, prevention and prevention. There are no secrets. Eat healthy, exercise, feel gratitude, foster good relationships, eliminate heavy stressors, do something daily that you makes you happy and love yourself unconditionally.

  • Find peace, follow your bliss, appreciate nature,
  • observe without opinion - mediation, smiling at strangers,
  • opening up to the world and having the world open up to you, trying something new, being uncomfortable,
  • — yet stimulated, failing and recovering, experiencing gratitude on a daily basis,
  • finding joy in daily life and
order and expect miracles  

When it comes to skin care, we have all become so disillusioned. Nothing seems to work as well as it says it will. We have worked so hard to make sure that you will never be disillusioned with our products and if for some reason you are, we are happy to offer a 100% refund of your order immediately. Our products work immediately, no regimens, no program to follow, no waiting weeks for results. So go to sleep zzzzz....and wake up with beautiful skin NOW. BE REALISTIC, EXPECT MIRACLES WITH SWELL SKIN!

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Swell Skin Oil of Sea buckthorn:
0.5 fluid oz $17
The miraculous multi tasker

It is often said, “what doesn’t this product do?” Our only answer is “the dishes” Place the oil on any area you would like to see an improvement. Many of our clients use the oil to minimize lines (“amazing”), heal acne rosacea, eczema, rashes, age spots, burns, free radical fighter, moisturizer, inflammation. No other moisturizers needed, just this one oil takes the place of all face moisturizers. For best storage, keep upright, away from heat and sunlight. Store extra bottles in a cool, dark place.

Swell Skin Face Treatment Bar:
2.25 oz bar $16

We call this our beauty bar. Beauty editors across the country say it gives them “airbrushed skin” just from washing their face. They don’t need foundation anymore. Users report having the clearest skin ever since using the bar. It is kinda like having the effect of why we use foundation without having to use foundation...to have clear, even-toned luminous skin. It’s reputation as a cleanser, healer of skin inflammation, prevention of future problems and a nutri-moisutizer all in one makes this a best seller!
P.S. Thousands and thousands of women cannot be wrong and this is just the beginning. We plan on investing more time and resources to stay current on maintaining beautiful skin and expanding our product range to focus on other requests from our client base. We will always maintain that one powerful ingredient is all you need while finding new ways of offering our clients the best methods of obtaining beautiful skin. Thank you for your support! Send us an email if you have any suggestions/questions at info@swellskin.net