Staying healthy is a mindful matter.

3 Ways to Use Your Brain Power to Stay Healthier.🥸


A study from Stanford University covered by Forbes magazine reports that what we believe can pretty darn powerful in keeping us healthy. 

The perception of our health and how good we feel about our immune system can be more important than our actions when it comes to our well-being and longevity. That is quite a statement, in fact the research shows that U.S. adults who believed that they were less active than their peers died younger than those who believed they were more active...whether they were or were not did not matter. 


So how can you change your perception/beliefs  about your health?  Remember how easy it is to trick the mind into believing hence; The Placebo Effect.  So much of our efforts and advertising dollars are going towards motivating people to eat healthier and exercise more; what is missing as a key component is to also change your mindset. Our daily thoughts and beliefs can cause physiological changes for the better or worse which means our minds can actually cause physiological changes for the better or worse.  Hence what you believe can materialize.   So next time your walk upstairs, grocery shop or clean the house believe that you doing something good for yourself.


"Today, we also know that chronic stress, negative thoughts and pessimism tend to shorten our lives. They damage our body, hasten our aging and wreck our immune system." Biologist and TED speaker Elizabeth Blackburn claims that the scientific explanation lies in the "telomere effect." Telomeres are the chromosomes located inside the cell's nucleus, which contains our genes and genetic information. In her book on the subject, Blackburn claims that negativity, hostility, pessimism and a lack of presence were proven to shorten longevity and lead to accelerated aging.  Bruce Lipton, a well noted biologist and author knows that "our beliefs control our bodies, our minds and thus our lives"  

So what do we do with this information?  Try your hardest to believe you are fine, healthy and happy; it's hard for sure especially when we are ill.  So if you cannot do this then try to  think of the good in your life and focus every day on this.  Overtime, you should have more good in your life.  "Fake it til you make it" as they say.  What you focus on grows. 

I do know this is true in my life at least as I have focused on the negative a long time ago and realized the connection to negative experiences in my life.  Awareness of how this works in your life, helps you believe and understand more of this truth.  So pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs and see if there is some sort of connection.  Just noticing may help open you up to a new type of understanding.  It's worth paying attention to.

Focus on feeling happy, hopeful, healthy, forgiving and loving.  What you FOCUS ON GROWS!  Keep weeding that life garden of yours and keep the negative feelings (weeds) away and make more room for the positive, healthy things to grow more and more in your beautiful life. 💕

Helping you become a happier, healthier human. Share with someone you love like we did. 😍

~ Eternally Grateful

Kelli Klus





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