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It was 2009. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. My persistent skin problems were taking over my life. Products did nothing. Derms did not help. No where to turn.

During my degree studies in natural healing, I discovered the sea buckthorn plant and it's 1000 year old story of healing skin. Profound. Centuries of miraculous healing just from the sea buckthorn oil with it's 190 bioactive compounds; the healthiest plant on the planet.

I used the sea buckthorn oil that night, woke up and the next morning my skin was 80% healed. I did a double take in the mirror. Seriously magical. What moved me was that they used sea buckthorn oil to heal nuclear burns after Chernobyl...that boosted my confidence that it could help me. BOY DID IT EVER ! ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS HAVE THIS MIRACULOUS SEA BUCKTHORN OIL.

Cleveland's Kelli Klus of Swell Skin earns investor deal on Project Runway: Fashion Startup

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“Being on the show was absolutely wonderful. The people were the best part,” says Klus. “It can be very intimidating to promote yourself and your story, at least for someone like me who is rather quiet. This experience has helped me open up to tell my story.”

Swell Skin - Kelli Klus

“This confirms that what I have is the beginning of something beautiful,”

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Your natural skin is EVERYTHING. It is the FIRST AND LAST, the BEGINNING AND THE ENDING. We take it that seriously. Do you?



    BUYING 10th BOTTLE. IT WORKS!! "I am mid 40s and I have used a lot of different natural products to help with seasonal dryness, seasonal oilies, and still occasional acne! This Buckthorn Oil has been my year-round go to product. At least ten consecutive bottles I have used. Takes about 3 weeks to have it take effect when you are new. Worth it!" -


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