Just Me - About Kelli Klus - Swell Skin LLC Founder, Homeopath, & Entrepreneur


Hi there!  I’m Kelli Klus, founder of Swell Skin and Homeopath.

When I started my career in alternative medicine and wellness consulting 15 years ago, people were just beginning  to be concerned about the ingredients in their skin care.

Realizing that everything you put on your body is absorbed into the skin, many of us wanted pure, natural non-harmful ingredients that did the same job or better to help maintain youthful, clear skin in a healthy way.  Well, we did not have many options then and now I think, we have too many.

To help you sort through all the overwhelming options out there of both natural and mainstream skin care, I bring to you 15 plus years as a skin care expert, homeopath, wellness and nutrition consultant and all around healthy- living human being.

In all of my years of studies and experiences, I have never found a more nutrient dense product  or a more powerful composition of bioactive ingredients than the oil from the sea buckthorn berry, that has helped more people achieve ‘Their Best Skin Ever”.  We use it in all our products and all of our products yet to come; it is this very foundation of beneficial ingredients along with an intense drive to bring these products to everyone that I lead me to create Swell Skin.

Personally, I have the experience of seeing first hand the difference these products can make on so many people and professionally, knowing and understanding the reasons for the results.

They really are MIRACULOUS!


We bring you a skin care option that meets all your skin’s need with “Just 2” products (Our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar and ONE & DONE Sea Buckthorn Oil) to cleanse, nutra-moisturize, heal, anti-age and maintain your best skin ever.” We have grown our offering to include body products, serums and toner. Still focused on just what you need as we age, we included hyaluronic acid serums with boosts of vitamins and peptides.

DO LESS, ACCOMPLISH MORE - A beautiful way to live and one that I have focused our skin care on. With the strongest foundation of nutrients and powerhouse ingredients, Swell Skin’s products are the beginning and end of your search for everything you need for your skin. Our products are all centered around the nutrient dense ingredient, SEA BUCKTHORN OIL.

Don’t think that you need 8 different products for beautiful skin? Simplicity is the cornerstone of real progress

Once you research the healing and anti-aging benefits of this oil, you will soon realize why anything else is just unnecessary. Nature has given the sea buckthorn berry more nutrients than almost any other plant in nature. The sea buckthorn berry; complete perfection for youthful, full, well- balanced skin.

We carefully limit our product line to the basics for the following reasons:

1. We offer just what your skin needs to maintain optimal conditions.

2. Your body and your skin’s health maintain its best form with simplicity and natural products and has done so for thousands of years.

3. Don’t spend too much money or time on skin care; there really is no good reason to. The basics are just as good as the complicated systems.

Power of Sea Buckthorn