Adapt & Overcome

Adapt & Overcome


It is easier than you think to make the changes that you want. Your brain is endlessly adaptable and is simply waiting for you to tell it what you want from it. The more you ask of your brain, the more it gives you.

  1. Stop repeating what never worked in the first place
  2. Pay attention to your reactions, it never is the other person, its your reaction to the other person that harms or hurts you.
  3. Let go of having to be right.  Being right is overrated when the other alternative is happiness and peace.
  4. See righteous anger for what it is - destructive anger dressed up to sound positive. Let go of that excess baggage and you will suddenly feel weightless.

Employ these notions and your brain can change its behaviors. Nursing a negative emotion is a sure way to block positive ones and a sure way of getting what you are focusing on....more negativity.


You are becoming more adaptable when...

  • You can laugh at yourself.
  • You see there is more to the situation than you realize including seeing others as antagonists.
  • Negotiating starts to work and you genuinely participate in it.
  • Compromise becomes a positive word.
  • You can become more at peace and relax during stressful events.
  • You see things in a new way and this is very exciting for your mind.
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