EVERY DAY...Happy Mothers Day

EVERY DAY...Happy Mothers Day
What type of mom are you?
Mom’s come in all sorts of beautiful packages. We love and respect and honor all of them regardless of what the packaging is.
As we mature, we realize that the outside just doesn’t matter as much as the inside.  What we look like, what we wear, what our nationality or religion is….just doesn’t matter compared to what is inside.
So whether you are a helicopter mom, a laid-back mom, a Sixties mom, a business mom, a stay-a-home mom, a modern mom.  We LOVE you ALL.
I don’t like to label people in regards to what distinguishes us.  I do like to label people in regards to what commonalities we all have. The outside (how we represent ourselves to society) can be anything we choose but the inside (our soul, our heart, our love, our higher selves) hopefully is unity and love. 
So while it is great to be different and stand out for sure…it is also great to discover we are all ONE.  We are more united than we are different on the INSIDE.
So for Mother’s Day, smile at all the women you see and know that you have so much in common with them…a loving heart and a peaceful soul!