Happy Mother's Day 2020 - You Are the Hero!

Happy Mother's Day 2020 - You Are the Hero!

I decided to write this message one month early during the Shelter In Place order. Thinking about how much moms give and add to all life; especially during this trying time of home schooling, managing everything with minimal help and absolutely no time outs for you to take and tend to your mental well being. 

We are a hearty group; constantly maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude even though we may not be feeling it. We put ourselves aside so our kids can be placed up front. We get the last portion of pasta, the tired looking piece of chicken, the edge of the couch or the crumbs from those cookies you home baked and everyone else ate but you. Thank you! Seriously... THANK YOU!

You are unselfish, forgiving, loving, caring, strong and capable.  You are so much more than a mother, you are a Hero!

When this is over (and it will be soon, or maybe it is now), please give yourself the gift of a massage or a weekend trip away or whatever makes you happy. Do it now because all we have is now.

Love you all!!

~ Kelli

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