There are so many ways to give to celebrate Thanksgiving.
When I think of Thanksgiving, I immediately think about how important every human being is in this world.
Extending thanks and goodwill goes beyond our friends and family.  After all, it's easy to love and appreciate those closest to you; the challenge is to extend these feelings to everyone, all the time.  
Giving to others doesn’t just mean monetary gifts around the holidays.  Gratitude and giving should be daily pursuits until we get to the place where our good will for others is our default mode and we don't even have to try to be nice; it just happens. We all have within us the ability to make others feel happy rather than sad; to feel good rather than bad; to feel love rather than fear.  But for some reason, so many of us keep our smiles, good words and encouraging thoughts to ourselves where they don’t harvest any rewards.  Let’s give away all our good feelings to others; they will do more good when they are spoken and shared rather than contained within.  This is the best way to give.  So if you don’t have the financial means to help, know that there are so many other easy ways to give to others that are just as meaningful. 
So next time you are in line at the grocery store or walking through the park, give away your smiles. Give away some compliments to a stranger or a loved one.  Tell someone how nice they look today.  Anything, just something positive please.  And remember, the more you give away, the more you receive and this includes all the positive thoughts, they will come back to you.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
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