LONG Life, or HEALTHY Life? Lets Do Both!

LONG Life, or HEALTHY Life? Lets Do Both!

As a homeopath and a wellness/nutrition/yoga guide, I have heard  hundreds of stories of illness that could have been avoided very simply by following a few basic guidelines.

  1. HOMEOSTASIS - Your body and mind crave it.  The entire universe moves toward it. Nature lives in it.  What is it?  Perfect balance; maintaining a stable environment.  How do we achieve it?  Start with going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.  Eating meals on a regular schedule. Eat foods that maintain a good balance of fats/proteins and carbs. Exercise at the perfect time that works for your body. Your mind wants some homeostasis also and when you take time to stop thinking about the clutter we tend to fill our mind with, your mind says…THANK YOU!  Give your mind a break, a time out.  Meditate or if you cannot possibly meditate, than just be.  Just “be” alone with yourself and give your mind some stable peace every day so that it comes to expect it every day.
  2. MAKE PEACE with yourself and others - Many doctors now know that  constant stress is one of the worst conditions for your body to experience.  Stress leads to inflammation which leads to illness.  Period.  What causes stress in your life? Whatever it is, it is not worth making yourself ill over. Make peace with events or people in your life; just drop that 50 pound piece of emotional baggage you carry around with you all day. You will be amazed once you drop it how easy it is to do so and why the heck didn’t just do it earlier?
  3. FIND JOY - This may be the hardest one for many.  Why is it so hard for us humans to allow ourselves to feel joy?  I am not a psychologist but I would guess that we simply don't feel worthy.  We feel like we have to struggle for some unknown reason that we don’t quite understand  but someone told us once and it makes perfect sense.  You shouldn't be too happy because you never know…..something might happen to make you not happy and then you will have to shift out of happy mode and that is not so easy.  So the best thing for many is to just maintain their joyless state and never feel really happy.  This did not work for me as a child (although I was given this negative advice) and it certainly doesn’t work for me as an adult.  I now own my joy. You should own yours also!  What you don't own, owns you.

There are many more I can add to this; lets just begin with these 3 for now.  LOOK FOR THE JOY AND IT WILL FIND YOU…WHATEVER YOU SEEK OUT WILL FIND YOU…EITHER WAY.

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