Maintaining control over our thoughts can be overwhelming at times, however; nothing can give us more control over our lives than being mindful of our thoughts and understanding how we live and experience the world as we exist in it.

We are all inherently programmed to be enlightened, wise, strong, compassionate, gentle and insightful yet these qualities are not cultivated because of craving and fixations of all kinds.   Mental fixations seem to be the root cause of suffering and often times are our greatest barrier to achieving true contentment since they shift our attention away from identifying with ourselves in a clear and direct manner. 

When happiness is tied to external, conditional contentment, we cannot maintain happiness because it is impermanent and unstable.  We spend so much time engrossed in wants, desires and wishes thinking that they are the means to happiness.  Try relating to yourself directly and in a simple way and then you may realize you are already content. Meet whatever arises in any moment with acceptance and openness which will help anchor you and not cast judgements on ourselves, others and events.

We have a tendency to behave as though automatic thoughts that arise in our consciousness are stable and fact-based when in fact they often are not. We take everything so personally as if that thought defines us. Try to be aware of a thought without judging yourself for having it- simply acknowledge that you are feeling anxiety- and you can strip thoughts of their phantom power and experience mental freedom.


  1. If you can observe without a thought or opinion, you are meditating.
  2. The key to beginning is giving up your desire to be with the next moment. Stand in the moment as is, no matter what is happening.
  3. Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different.  Whether good or bad, all moments are temporary.
  4. Be patient with yourself and keep trying to become more virtuous and accepting.  “Then  the mind becomes clean and tranquil.”

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