My Ultimate Guide for Staying Happy

My Ultimate Guide for Staying Happy


A tall order indeed! Most of us know how to be happy for a short while. However, with so many unknowns, how can we stay happy in this world of constantly changing experiences?

This took me the majority of my life to figure out. I had to experience a lot of suffering which caused me to ask a lot of questions which opened me up to receiving answers, which caused me to see things as they really are which caused me to be able to maintain a state of happiness. If you don’t ask the questions, you will not get the answers. When everything is okay, we do not ask. When we suffer, we ask. It is too bad that we have to suffer to know we should ask; it’s human nature I guess.

Whether everything is okay or not, we should still find the will to go higher. Evolution requires it. Most of us are happy with who we are but unhappy with what we have. This is a contradiction as we should be happy with what we have and strive to be better humans.


Pretty much all of the self-help books, religious texts, philosophical studies and everything else, focus on the war we wage within ourselves. This war is the pull we feel towards the divine or the pull we feel towards the material world. This internal war and these two opposing forces are  seen in almost every example of literary drama. Usually the material world, full of material stuff and superficial experiences wins. Choosing the difficult path and asking the difficult questions is rarely chosen, yet it offers the greatest gifts. Peace, Freedom, Happiness, Joy, Love!

Realizing that I can choose to follow the pull of a greater good, the higher road, the road less traveled. Choose the love vs. the hate, forgiveness over anger,  peace over battles. Regardless of who or what is happening to me or around me, I can step over all this and find the space to make my choice, look at myself in the mirror and know I have chosen well. The road less traveled is never easy but it always leads to greater awareness and progress.

What is won? Happiness, peace and freedom. Who wins? You choose.

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