Confident Bare-Faced: The Natural Beauty No-Makeup Trend

Confident Bare-Faced: The Natural Beauty No-Makeup Trend

If the thought of a bare face, no makeup in sight scares the heck out of you then you are certainly not alone!

While the idea of a face free from makeup sounds heavenly, the reality may be a little different, especially if concealer is your go-to for those bags, and your mascara helps you to “wake up” in the mornings. 

But now, be honest with yourself. If your skin was clear and healthy, would you consider skipping the makeup for at least one or two days a week, to give your skin time to breathe and take a break?

I bet you would!

You need to be taking care of your skin for it to look its best, and in this article, I want to share how our beautiful BARE FACE Facial bar can help to boost your confidence in your own, beautiful, all-natural skin. 

Women are getting what they call “airbrushed skin” from this bar so you may want to settle in and keep reading!

It cleans out your pores so you can say adios to blemishes

If acne plagues you, then you need this bar in your life right now! Unlike synthetic products that provide only temporary results, and may strip your skin and put it at risk of damage, our facial bar will provide that deep down clean you lust after, but will never dry out your skin!

In fact, it will help to control excess sebum while perfectly maintaining your skin’s delicate moisture balance. 

The result is clearer skin within just a few days! This bar adapts right away to your specific skin type and your specific skincare concerns. 

Provides dewy moisture 

Don’t shy away if your skin tends to be quite dry and sensitive. Sea buckthorn is our signature ingredient and it loves all skin types, from very dry to very oily!

Sea buckthorn is simply jam-packed in fatty acids to reduce inflammation while infusing your pores with potent nourishment, antioxidants, and a deep dose of hydration for skin that is visibly dewy and radiant. 

Who needs makeup (or filters!) when your skin looks this good!

It infuses your skin with our favorite beauty vitamin to help it glow like never before 

Want to know a secret?

Sea buckthorn is one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C on the entire planet! Vitamin C, dubbed “the beauty vitamin” is one vitamin your skin absolutely adores, thanks to its powerful beautifying properties!

It is also known as the one vitamin your skin needs for a bright, luminous glow!

Learn more about our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Bar HERE, or shop now...


We cannot wait for you to try this bar for yourself! If you need a little encouragement, or if you are skeptical after perhaps using products that didn’t work before then read all the way to the end!

Our reviews prove that this bar is just what your complexion needs! Here are just a few of our favorite reviews from some of our loyal customers:

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been buying your face bar from our local grocery store and it is the only thing that works for me. I never had acne before, not even during puberty. But then after having kids I started breaking out. I tried many of the popular brands (from dr pimple poppers remedy to Neal’s yard brand) and they all made my face worse. Yours is the only one that clears my face within a few days and keeps it clear. Thanks ❤️❤️ “ - Colleen
“My first experience was a gift from my niece. My second experience was buying every item for myself, buying gifts for friends in NY, FL, CA -- they all rave about it. It is like a secret that you cannot wait to share with those people in your life that you care about. Now, my husband uses it, my brother, all the wonderful women of all ages in my life use it. I teach at a university and am looking forward to sharing the secret this fall. Great job Swell Skin!!” - Prof. H
“1. It works fast in my case the usual "let your skin adapt" did not apply.
2. Not drying at all ( i have moody skin... dry skin that breaks out or is oily and splotchy) it left my skin calm, no redness.
3. Amazing gentle stimuli, I am allergic to most perfumes and strong soaps. barely a scent but more of a therapy vibe and no residual scent after wash.
4. Great cost for how long the bar lasts! One bar will last a long time! been using it for almost a month straight 2 times a day, with well water ! and I am pretty sure this one bar will last another month. NOTE* I got a holder that drains but protects it from the shower water. I bought two bars thinking I would panic and run out abruptly (this has happened with other bars) but nope.
5. Overall fantastic product for skin that seems to be moody, dry, oily, breakout, and hypersensitive. It's as if it multitasks without over-processing your skin. Everyone is different but I went from a 4- 6 step process to cover all my skin’s moods to 3 steps with better results! and more cost-effective results.
Overall worth a try because unlike most trial and error this pays off and resolves more than one issue and makes your skin feel lower maintenance! i love it!” - Bri
“I have struggled with acne/post-acne marks for years. I have spent sooo much money trying to find products that do not strip my skin but that also provides a deep clean! This bar has delivered! My skin is clearer and brighter! I have also paired it with Swell Skin's sea buckthorn oil in the day and their Every Thing serum at night. My skin is glowing every morning! I could not be happier with these affordable, natural products! I will be a lifetime customer for sure.” - Ariel


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