OIL vs. Lotion - OIL WINS!

OIL vs. Lotion - OIL WINS!

Oils are finally having their moment and enjoying the spotlight from almost every dermatologist, natural skin care expert and skin care lover around.


Adding oils to your regimen can do everything from fighting wrinkles, reducing inflammation, restoring even tone, fighting acne and more.  Oils are naturally more gentle than most anti-aging products because they can deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin without irritation while creating a dewy, youthful look that lasts.  

Beauty guru’s and make up artists alike, prep the face by applying oil before adding foundation for a dewy, youthful look.

From an natural perspective, oils work in conjunction with your skin’s oils to create a perfect balance.  Many creams and lotions tend to dry the skin over time as your skin cuts back its natural production of oil while relying on creams and lotions to do what your skin should naturally do.

Oil moisturizers  do not do this as they work to create a perfect balance, a harmony that exists between the natural lipids your skin secretes  and the oil you apply.  A perfect match!

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