How To Beat Winter Skin... And The Winter BLAHS.

How To Beat Winter Skin... And The Winter BLAHS.


We all have it. Except those lucky enough, where the sun and humidity come together to form the perfect temperate conditions... cold, dry, winter weather.

For those of us (me in Cleveland), battling the cold, dry and sunless winter days shows up on our skin and even in our moods. Winter months are more drying to our skin due to lack of suspended moisture in the air. We stay indoors more often and the forced heat contributes even more to dry, irritated skin. Lack of vitamin D3 from the sun affects our immune system, moods and much more.

Try incorporating these 6 tips into your winter days and skincare routine. 


Because we do not have access to the array of fresh produce like we do in the summer, give your body some extra help.

1.Take Vitamin D3

Winter means less sunlight and less vitamin D that is absorbed.
Most people are deficient in vitamin D regardless of the time of year. Even in summer, with the advent of sunscreen, we lack the ability to absorb this vitamin like we did before sunscreen became so mainstream. Additionally vitamin D enhances your skin's radiance.

2. Get Your Vitamin A

Eat lots of foods with that bright orange, red color like red peppers, carrots. Once again, diet is crucial year round for beautiful skin. The more color you eat, the more radiant your skin. Foods like salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach all give you the omega acids and antioxidants that your skin requires to nourish itself. Fun fact: Sea buckthorn is rare plant in the fact that it contains all 4 omega fatty acids, producing a strong lipid barrier and ultimate moisture.


You may need to neglect your skin a bit by not over cleansing in the winter months. Try locking in more moisture around the house.

3. Crank Up The Humidity

Humidifiers set up in the winter are a nice option to keep moisture in the air and in your skin and should be set at the optimal level of 35% to 40%.

4. Au Naturale

Shower less. Most people may not like this but, in the winter I do not shower every day. The more hot showers you take the more moisture is leaked from you skin. Unless your working in a dirty environment be a little more European and don’t shower daily.

5. Pick the Right Skincare Products

Using oils and serums instead of creams and lotions will make sure your skin still produces its own oil for optimal hydration. Many creams and lotions trick skin into producing less oil (thinking the lotions are taking over its job) The hyaluronic acid serums and natural oils do not resort to such trickery. Swell Skin serums and oils help a lot!

KEEP MOVING! (And not just from the bed to the couch)

6. Break a Sweat

Because we tend to be more sedentary in the winter, we need to be more conscious of moving our bodies, somehow. This could be going out side to shovel snow or bundle up and walk outside if we do not have access to a gym. You can also do jumping jacks, push ups, etc. Lots of options indoors to kick up your cardio! The more you get your blood circulating and your pores sweating, the more your skin will GLOW!


Add Swell Skin’s healing and intensely hydrating facial treatment oils and dry body oil into your daily skincare routine to protect and hydrate even under the harshest winter conditions!

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