So what is a DRY BODY OIL?

So what is a DRY BODY OIL?

We realize that many of you have never heard of dry body oil so here goes…

Dry Body Oil is:

  1. A new way for your body to experience all the benefits and luxurious effects of moisturizing with an oil which is usually just reserved for the face.  As we know by now ladies, oils are so much better for your skin than creams or lotions.
  2. The use of the word Dry means the oil dries to a a residue-free finish so you don't have that oily body feeling that some oils can leave behind. A lightweight, non-greasy, quick-absorbing oil for skin and hair.  You can dress right after application unless you want to lounge around and experience the spa-like feeling in your robe…..we love this!
  3. These bottles last a long time due to the concentration and combination of ingredients along with the spray nozzle applicator  that sparingly distributes the oil in exact locations.  You can spray on your hands and rub on or spray directly onto skin.
  4. Best used after shower or bath when skin is still slightly damp for best absorption and lasting effects.  We also spray during the day onto dry skin if we need an extra boost.  Who doesn’t need an extra boost these days?
  5. Dry body oil should also be called Dry Hair and Body Oil.  We spritz the oil on our frizzy hair to calm it and make it more manageable. 

Happy showering!!!

- Swell Skin

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