Sunburn HURTS... Sea Buckthorn Soothes!

Sunburn HURTS... Sea Buckthorn Soothes!


Sometimes despite our hardest efforts to avoid the harmful effects of too much sun, we still find our sensitive skin painfully scorched during these hot summer months.

No worries. Swell Skin’s sea buckthorn oil has your back…and front! Sea buckthorn oil has been used in hospital burn units to regenerate skin....WOW! We are super serious about this. This oil has 190 bioactive ingredients, all 4 omega fatty acids and vitamin A, C and E. The miracle of nature has packed in all the necessary ingredients to help soothe your sunburn and give you more beautiful, youthful looking skin!

Swell Skin Sea Buckthorn Oil Moisturizer Soothes Sunburn

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