The BEST Gift I Ever Got

The BEST Gift I Ever Got

I hate to admit it but my boyfriend is…..GIFT CHALLENGED. Yes, gift challenged. Do you know anyone in your life who also suffers from the same affliction? It is not pretty... but it is curable. The first thing you have to do is admit it and then you can be on the road to recovery. Giving the perfect gifts without any effort at all; YOU can be the star gift-giver this holiday season. “Did you see what (blank) got me?” It is just perfect”! “She is the best!"


  1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE - What does your receiver think about, talk about and read about? These are all clues as to what he/she is all about. We all have this. Some of us have it more than others and are easier to buy for. Others not so much, but they do have it. Maybe they like to be left alone at home and do nothing but watch sports or movies. Perhaps a Netflix gift card? Or maybe they only eat cheese (gift card to local cheese shop). Or maybe they have everything they need, (lottery tickets)! Regardless, take a few minutes to think about the person not just think of the person. Thinking about them and their likes will give you information you can use to make them really happy.
  2. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU - I know how tempting it is when you are at the store and something catches your eye…”Oh, that is sooo beautiful”  I wish I can have it. Maybe I will buy it for Sally. She has good taste like me; she will love it. DON’T DO IT. While it is tempting, it is not about you and what you think the other person SHOULD like. Walk away and FOCUS. Where does Sally shop? Go there.

So what was the best gift I ever got? The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra - A priceless treasure of insight and wisdom that transformed my view of life.

Happy Holidays and Happy Days Always!

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