The Holidays are a “GREAT”  time to be “GRATEFUL”

The Holidays are a “GREAT” time to be “GRATEFUL”

This is personal. I am a firm believer in whatever you focus on you get more of! Good or bad, joy or sadness, love or fear, you pick which you will focus on today and therefore, what you will get more of tomorrow.

Over my many hardships in life, and there have been too many to mention here; I somewhere along the way, became grateful for everything! In the back of my mind, I had the idea that regardless of what was happening in my life, I choose how to react to it. From a space somewhere deep within me, I learned to see everything as a gift, an opportunity to grow and learn from that situation. To give love to those who, consciously or unconsciously hurt me. To give time to those who ignored me. To give forgiveness to those who did not know better, and to give peace to those at war with themselves and others.  

Choosing to focus on being grateful, seeing the goodness and finding joy in much of the day helped make sure those attitudes kept returning back to me over and over in the way of experiences and people coming into and out of my life.  

We all have similar experiences, yet we choose to react differently towards these same experiences. This holiday season, let us all try to see the joy, peace and love in everyone and everything that we are lucky enough to have in our lives at this time.  

Lots of Love this Holiday Season and Always from Swell Skin!

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