The True Reason for the Holiday

The True Reason for the Holiday

Before January comes at us with all of it’s To Do lists and New Year Resolutions and we forgot all about the loving kindness we are feeling around the holidays, let’s really take note now of what is so very important to us as human beings, as mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and co workers...... each other! There is no greater force than the love we have for our fellow man/woman.

Sometimes we are so busy in our roles that we forget to pay attention to the person we are behind the role; that human being who also just happens to be a worker, father, mother, friend, etc.  Sometimes taking away all of our labels of who we happen to be, helps us see who we really are, a loving soul having a human experience.

Next time you are at the grocery store or the mall try this little experiment. Instead of seeing the differences in each other, just for a minute or two...try to see all the things that bring us together rather than the things that separate us. For that minute or two, is when we feel the true reason for the holiday. And this is the greatest gift of all!

Happy Holidays from Swell Skin

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