Two Daily Wellness Tips for Transformative Help

Here Are Two Daily Wellness Tips That Can Truly Transform your Life 


Everywhere we turn lately, especially with recent events in the world, we are confronted with the importance of self care.


Often this is laid out to us in the form of healthy eating, bubble baths and face masks; and while these are all important, they are just a small corner of the vast wellness platform. 


A true wellness ritual incorporates mind, body and spirit as a holistic approach to enhancing wellness in your life.


It’s small daily rituals that naturally become part of your lifestyle, rather than something you turn to only when you feel overwhelmed or at the point of burn out. 


Here are just 2 ways to create a more peaceful, happy and abundant life for yourself!


Create boundaries from a place of love

Boundaries are so incredibly important, but the sad news is that many of us are too scared to put them into place.


If you’re a yes person, someone who naturally despises conflict and always tries to maintain the peace then chances are that there are a few areas in your life where boundaries may be needed. 


Boundaries do not make you rude or difficult, they simply help you to define your self-worth by showing others where your limits are.


If there is an energy vampire in your life; someone who constantly needs advice, needs support without returning the favour when you need them, then this is the perfect place to create a boundary. There’s nothing wrong with gently letting someone know that you are busy, that you only have a small amount of time to chat.


Your peace and mental health are important too, don’t forget it!


Enjoy a morning and evening ritual

The way you start your day can set the tone for how your day unfolds, but your evening ritual is just as important!


While you want to create a morning routine that will help you have energy and motivation for the day ahead, your evening routine should help you start to wind down a good few hours before bed because your sleep is so important!


I like to start my day with a gentle guided meditation, such as this one, while sipping on warm lemon water to gently begin to wake up my digestive system. Gentle stretches or an energizing yoga flow are great too, simply listen to what your body needs that day. 


And do be sure to avoid social media, emails and anything else that may create stress until after you have taken care of your mind, body and spirit!


If you work from home, choose a time to end for the day (boundaries with yourself and your work are just as important as they are with others) and look forward to a few hours of rest before you have to head to bed.


Now would be a great time to indulge in a gentle yoga ritual or a slow evening walk to get some fresh air. 


Avoid caffeine and alcohol if sleep is difficult for you, and try sipping on this wonderfully soothing turmeric latte instead.


These are just two small things you can start to incorporate in your daily life with big results! 


Always put yourself first, and don’t ever feel guilty for it!  

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