Welcome To The Future: 2020

Welcome To The Future: 2020

It's 3 months after the Corona virus and everything is getting back to normal... what is the new normal. What have you learned in these past few months? Hopefully a LOT!

In May 2020, my intuition told me that there was information in this crisis. I believe the future visits us upon occasion to give us a preview of itself. To reveal to us the disparities that exist in the world. The lack of joy we feel from our daily lives. The over-stressed and under- balanced nature of our minds and physical bodies. Our present self does not know know this yet and so we are visited by our future selves to inform us. This crisis is forcing all of us to learn how to be more mindful of how we show up for our life. To take stock and reset ourselves, to heal. How to fix what is broken. Not that this is welcome by any means; after all it is a virus with undeniable, negative repercussions. But maybe, a year from now or six months from now when your life gets back to normal... you will look back and hopefully have made 1 positive change.


  • Not to take anything for granted. Our lives can change in an instant. We have and then we have not. Or we have not, and then we have.
  • We are simply borrowing everything and own nothing. We take nothing with us and so be grateful when you are given.
  • We are learning how to manage our business/education/good health more and more online. We cannot continue to charge a fortune for the human right of higher education and good healthcare. Opportunity for creating accessible education and healthcare to all.
  • The medical system is outdated, costly, inefficient and often fails. Many doctors and physicians still do not receive formal education centered around prevention - how food heals (and harms), how basic movement prevents age related decline, and how sleep manages stress. All free from reactive and costly medical care. We need to find more sustainable ways for every person to manage their own health.
  • Smiling and looking each other in the eyes while at the grocery store and practicing empathy on a daily basis is healing for both the giver and the receiver.
  • Consider others who may be having a more difficult time than you.
  • We cannot continue holding anger, suffering, any negative thoughts without harming ourselves. Not sustainable without repercussions for the one experiencing these emotions.
  • We cannot continue stressing the environment just to end up living wastefully and conveniently. Find ways to use less, and live sustainably. Less is more.
  • Spending more quality time with family, friends and loved ones is more important than anything.
  • We cannot continue living a life where we are not discerning and discriminating with what we allow in our minds. Pay attention to what you think about most often and if it is not positive…get rid of it. You are your thoughts. As you think, so you become.

In everything that happens usually there is an underlying understanding and lesson that can be found if we choose to look hard enough and focus on ways to improve ones self.

Love living life again. Appreciate being alive. Seek out joy and peace. What you seek is... what finds you.


With love & gratitude,


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