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A Thanksgiving Meaning of Gratitude

The word gratitude has been tossed about so much these days that I think it has lost a bit of its profound importance. From gratitude journals to gratitude affirmations, it has become a buzzword and most buzzwords eventually go away to make room for the next buzzword. I am certainly not saying that gratitude is not important; on the contrary, it is very significant and something we need to become, not just talk about or write about. Let's keep gratitude front and center in how we live every day.

To become one with gratitude, in my humble opinion, means it becomes your way of existing, not something you just think about. Oh..."I’m so grateful for my family" - these are words and with words, you can attach any type of meaning to them. Hopefully, most of the time, the loving meaning is truly there, but not always. That is why is is important to go within to really uncover the deep meaning behind gratitude and how it can affect you and others for good.

As you look out at others, try to not see an opposite but see a likeness. You become gratitude by not excluding anyone or anything from your kindness and empathy. You become gratitude by reflecting upon human kind as indivisible, precious and worthy of a peaceful existence. Become grateful for this existence, even with all of its challenges because these challenges are what lead you to a better you and a better soul experience.

On this day of Thanksgiving and honestly every day, let us try to be grateful for all that is, for everyone, everything, everywhere, always.

Happy Thanksgiving and much loving kindness always!

- Kelli

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