How to manifest

What is "manifesting"? How do I do it? I even want to?

My hairdresser was talking to her co-worker and she said she was going to "manifest" a weekend off right around the busy holidays.  Her co-worker said "you better start writing your intentions, meditate and focus on gratitude so you can manifest your desire"  They both nodded their head in agreement.  What do you think they were in agreement on?  I'm thinking neither of them knew exactly how manifesting works otherwise, they would not have to manifest a weekend off because if this really works all the time, why not manifest enough money to quit the job and have every weekend off?

You get what you are, not what you want.

Sure manifesting works; I've done it and yes, it worked for me. And it also did not work for me.  What gives?  According to the thousands of books for sale on HOW TO MANIFEST, most of us are doing it all wrong.  They say, it works all the time with 100% accuracy.   What are most of us missing?  As we know by now, most of us do not get what we want as the Rolling Stones so intuitively knew but do we get "what we need"?  Or,  we do get what we are. Confusing?  How about this... Happy gets more Happy.  Sad gets more Sad. That is what the books say.  "Love begets Love"...I think a famous poet said that.  Simple and true.


What should I do to get what I want?

I believe the experts say that in order to get what we want, we must feel as if we already have what we want and therefore do not need it.  When you do not need something you have no anxiety or are free from wanting.  This is the state that "manifests"  To be free from wanting and to just be grateful and feel as if you already have what you want. I know there is so much I don't know about this... but I do know that once I made the decision to feel happy, healthy, loved and free then everything around me moved in that direction. 👍

More on Manifesting 101. 

Your imagination also is your best friend when trying to manifest. Someone by the name of Albert Einstein 🥸 knew this.  In fact, he said "Imagination is everything.  It is a preview of your life's coming attractions."  This guy is pretty smart; way smarter than me so maybe there is something here to seriously consider.... or to consider seriously. 

Regardless, imagining and hoping is wonderful. 

No matter.  I will continue to feel as if I am that which I want to be.  Because feeling this way makes me grateful to be alive and to exist and to feel the joy that comes with being human and surrounded by loved ones and nature and goodness. 😇  Regardless of whether I manifest or not. It is not the journaling or the intentions or the meditating. That simply puts you in the zone which can be helpful but not necessary.  You see ... It is simply YOU. You have the power within yourself to change. You are your own power. OWN IT!

  Focus on feeling happy, hopeful, healthy, forgiving and loving.  What you FOCUS ON GROWS!  Keep weeding that life garden of yours and keep the negative feelings (weeds) away and make more room for the positive, healthy things to grow more and more in your beautiful life. 💕

Helping you become a happier, healthier human. Share with someone you love like we did. 😍

~ Eternally Grateful

Kelli Klus

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