What's Calling YOU?

What's Calling YOU?

Lets all take this month of June to really think about what we are doing and/or what we wish we are doing? There is a wonderful quote I just heard  that goes something like this…..

"If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will harm you. If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.” 

This really got me thinking.  Besides being made up skin, organs, cells, etc we are also made up of our thoughts, desires  and our beliefs.  If I deeply believe I would love to be an artist or a writer or an entrepreneur or a _____________ (fill in the blank) and I do nothing with this treasure, somehow I think it may have a negative effect on me.  We all have gifts that should be brought forth for us and for others to enjoy.  We tend to ignore this part of ourselves because we do not think we can make a living doing this or we do not have the opportunity to pursue that or we just don’t have the energy. I get it, I have said these same things in regards to my thoughts.

But at some point, I decided I did not have to commit to a major life change; just a little effortless trial of what I love to see if it becomes something greater.  Keep it simple, I told myself and just wait and see. If I enjoyed it; I would spend more time at it and see what happens. Guess what? New doors opened up for me without having to knock really hard. Just a slight tap on the door at first was all it took. Now that I have brought forth what I believe in, I truly feel like it has saved me from regrets and sadness of not having done what was calling me forth. So pay attention to your thoughts/desires/beliefs because they are trying to tell you something very important.

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