Why am I so darn happy all the time?

Why am I so darn happy all the time?

One day turns into the 10 years that gets behind us.

I cannot remember exactly when I consciously made the decision to be happy.  I know I was struggling for a long time as many of us do. It started in my late teens when I had the realization that I was no longer going to give power to any situation that made me feel bad about myself. Well, that did not last for long.  My dysfunctional childhood had a vise like hold on me and would not let go so easily.  Grin and bear it for now, I told myself.  Get through the day. And so the day turned into 10 years.

We all struggle; the difference is in the learning from it and taking action. 

And so I started my adulthood with marriage, kids a dog and 20 years later, the questions and reflections came back again; actually they never left, they just got moved around. But this time they got a lot louder and more persistent. They followed me wherever I went, like my shadow and so I knew that unless I call them out and find out what the message is, I would never be free.  

What is this all about?  Why?  Why?  Why am I having these experiences that I know are not what I want?
I think it was somewhere in my 40’s when I willfully said “I’m done feeling bad”.  I dug deep and found the courage to take control of my feelings and change my beliefs to what I wanted and how I wanted my life to unfold; regardless of my circumstances. 

The power that finds you because you ask the questions. 

I had stated this as my mission with a firm conviction that nothing could shake.  I do not know where I found the power; actually, maybe it found me. Probably because I did the work.  I asked the questions and confronted myself, with myself.   Not so easy to do but essential if you want to improve your life. I know we all have this power; in fact, I am sure.

Forget the therapy; just ask yourself this one question.  

So go ahead and ask yourself a few questions but especially this one:  Why do I react the way I do?  Your reactions to people and experiences tell you what you need to work on.
  There is so much useful information in this answer.  Don’t give up when it gets uncomfortable; that only means you are on to something. 
That's it, that's all I've got for now.  It is up to you now. At some point, we need to stop looking outside ourselves and just start doing the work. 

 Remember: Not only do we want a longer life, we want a better, happier longer life!!  This is totally do-able if we keep working at it! 😇 .  

To sum everything up and filter it to the most common denominator.  Focus on feeling happy, hopeful, healthy, forgiving and loving.  What you FOCUS ON GROWS!  Keep weeding that life garden of yours and keep the negative feelings (weeds) away and make more room for the positive, healthy things to grow more and more in your beautiful life. 💕

Helping you become a happier, healthier human. Share with someone you love like we did. 😍

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