1. it works fast in my case the usual "let your skin adapt" did not apply. 2. not drying at all ( i have moody skin... dry skin that breaks out or is and oily splotchy) it left my skin calm, no redness. 3. amazing gentle stimuli, i am allergic to most perfumes and strong soaps. barely a scent but more of a therapy vibe and no residual scent after wash. 4. great cost for how long the bar lasts! One bar will last a long time! been using it for almost a month straight 2 times a day, with well water ! and i am pretty sure this one bar will last another month. NOTE* i got a holder that drains but protects it from the shower water. i bought two bars thinking i would panic and run out abruptly (this has happened with other bars) but nope. 5. overall fantastic product for skin that seems to be moody, dry, oily, breakout and hyper sensitive. its as if it multitasks without over processing your skin. everyone is different but i went from a 4- 6 step process to cover all my skins moods to 3 steps with better results! and more cost effective results. Over all worth a try because unlike most trial and error this pays off and resolves more than one issue and makes your skin feel lower maintenance! love it!

- Bri

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