Better Than Plastic Surgery

I have been using the soap and one & done for 2-3 years and love it! I have had a scaly patch on my left cheek which the dermatologist call actinic keratitis. Whatever he prescribed would remove the patch and then it would return, same with facials. Since I have been using your products, the patch gets scaly, sloughs and then the redness fades. This pattern repeats itself. Now it is almost gone. Thanks again for your products! I have recommended them to friends. They have used them with success for many different skin conditions. I also recommended them to a plastic surgeon who stitched up my upper lip after my dog bit me. He wanted to know why I healed up so fast. I gave him your products. He loved them! I could go on and on with stories about how your products have helped people in my life.

- Jody

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