Bye Bye Sun Spots!

"I'm 64 years old. I started using Swell Skin (oil and soap) about a year ago. I didn't expect it to make me look younger, make wrinkles disappear, or perform miracles, but (with a great deal of skepticism) crossed my fingers that it would get rid of my age/sun spots. Stupidly, when I was younger and tanned all the time (often in the harsh sun of the Caribbean or Hawaii), I didn't use sunscreen because I don't burn. By the time I was in my 50's the consequences were all over my face. My father was dermatologist and nothing he prescribed me ever worked. Even he said it was a really hard thing to treat, and that (at least in his day) most people had no success. And some of the creams I tried really irritated my skin. I had given up on it and just used foundation every day to cover them. So, when I saw Swell Skin on Shark Tank, I figured I'd try it, even though I thought the chance of results were slim. To my total amazement, within just a few weeks the age spots were faded and in a couple more they were gone! I was amazed. I can now go without make up for the first time in years and not be self conscious. I don't see a change in my wrinkles or fine lines, but if I had started using Swell Skin when I was younger, who knows. I might. I am still thrilled with the results and highly recommend using both the soap and the oil. I will never use any other soap and plan to use the oil for the rest of my life. Who knows, maybe it will slow down future wrinkles, even at my age!"

- Pam

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