Like This Product

When I started using this product I just thought it was like all other products I have used on my face. I read the reviews and thought "yea right". But when I started to used it I was amazed how my face felt. My face felt so clean after the soap and then when I put the oil on it was amazing how soft and supple it felt. I have not seen much a difference in the appearance, but I am in my early 70's so I don't think there would be much a difference. I still wear a little bit of foundation. This my third order of the oil and I LOVE the way my face feels. Also I notice a difference in my hands since I started using this, my hands look a lot younger than they did. I recommend this product to anyone but start before your 70! LOL I am very price conscious and feel the price is affordable and for me to and to say that is a lot. Enjoy and have a great day! - Kathy
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