My Aesthetician Cannot Believe My Results!

I never thought I’d be writing this note, but I felt I had to. After seeing your appearance on TV, I decided to give your products a try. You were backordered at the time, but I waited and starting using the bar & oil as soon as they were received.

I asked my aesthetician to look at my face without telling her I was using your products - and only at night. She said I looked a little different than the last time she saw me. She put me under the light and gasped… she said my skin was much firmer and even, particularly on the side of my face, the eyes, and the jowls. She went about the facial and went to do any extractions that might be needed and found nearly none. Usually she has to spend a decent amount of time doing it. This time, she remarked there was nearly nothing for her to do.

I'm 58 years old and have always used good products, but I never really did anything special. I thought the texture of my skin seemed to have changed but wanted to see what a professional had to say. Needless to say, the aesthetician was on her phone looking up your products while my mask was drying. I suspect she will be ordering.

She said it was funny that the customer was telling the aesthetician how to take care of her skin!

All I do is use it at night, by lathering up the bar and letting the suds sit on my face for 30 seconds and then apply the oil. I use the bar on a dry face - is that correct?

Thank you for this wonderful product! I thought it was doing something different to my skin - and it really has!!

- Mary

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