My Rosacea Has Disappeared

I began using the One and Done Oil, the facial bar, and the Everything Serum last year after being diagnosed with rosacea. My doctor had prescribed an antibiotic cream (which was horribly expensive) and I didn't like the idea of coating my face for months in medicine. After researching alternative remedies online, I found Vitamin C, D, and aloe to be most recommended in ingredients to treat my symptoms, which by this point had been a year of breakouts from cheek to jaw and redness. After a month of using the products I saw a reduction in breakouts and a slight reduction in redness. However after 3 months, my symptoms were dramatically improved, and by 6 months entirely gone. I love the ingredients and the simplicity of the regime required to reap the benefits. I am not a 12-step facial product routine type of lady, so this works for me beautifully. I have already and will continue to recommend this line to everyone!

- Meeghan

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