Perfect Solution for Allergies & Sensitive Skin

I have developed a lot of topical allergies, since my pregnancy, like: lanolin, parabens, fragrance, dyes, etc.... Needless to say, it had really made skin care, especially difficult, as I would end up with rashes & blisters, along with having rosacea & I've always had sensitive skin! I began using your 2 products about 5 months ago & noticed a change practically overnight! Your products have been revolutionary in my skincare routine & the condition of my skin! I no longer have to deal with all the itchiness or rashes & my skin has never looked better! I'd tried some other natural products over the years, which had also contained very few ingredients, in hopes of finding a way to stop itching &, though they'd help some, none were able to bring me to the itch-free point that your products have! As someone with chronic, debilitating, genetic & autoimmune health issues, I already have enough on my plate because, additionally, I'm a single mom, who's raising my son completely on my own; so, though skincare may seem insignificant to many, it's been invaluable to me &, even better, it was actually economical too (another plus for s single mom on a tight budget!)!!!

June 2017 - Stacie

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