Size & smell A+++


First things first: LOVE the bigger size of the bottle.
Second, & more importantly, the smell is fruity & makes me feel happy.

I'm a lifelong sufferer of acne (40+ yrs of it). For years I've kept it at bay using Swell Skin facial bar + oil. As one would anticipate multiple vials of oil get used during the lifespan of one bar, so having an ounce is less of a hassle as far as ordering goes. I love this stuff. I feel like the new Bare Face oil gives me the same outward feeling & looks of the sea buckthorn oil, but with the extras in it, hopefully more is going on below the surface than I realize. I don't have to wear make up anymore, if I don't want to, thanks to Swell Skin products. My face & neck are smooth to the touch & not oily/greasy-feeling. Either oil is an essential to me now. I've had 2 aestheticians say to me (after offering their high-dollar products & my refusals), "Well, whatever you ARE doing, keep it up! Your skin looks great."

- Michelle

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