Skin And Life Changing!

I have been battling acne, scarring and pigment issues for 35 years. I've tried EVERYTHING, expensive, cheap, traditional medical, homeopathic, experimental, alternative, and otherwise! Since using Swell Skin products my skin looks better than it ever has at age 48! At a recent party, a friend said to me, "You just had a birthday and how is it that you are looking younger?" And at a recent visit to my esthetician – whose treatments have been very helpful – she commented on how my pigment issues are finally starting to respond more to the treatments. I've been going to her for years and the only thing that's changed recently is the use of Swell Skin products, which I did not tell her I was using. I can go without make-up and not be self conscious anymore. I'm a believer!

- Kari

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