NEW! BARE FACE Botanical Oil

Swell Skin BARE FACE Botanical Oil - NEW Skincare Product



Swell Skin BARE FACE Botanical Beauty Oil

Our BARE FACE Facial Treatment Oil moisturizes, protects, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with deeply penetrating the skin quickly while leaving the skin with a smooth non-oily after-feel. The product combines a variety of light, penetrating, and nourishing botanical oils  and is enhanced with the age-defying Vitamins A, C and E.

For renewing, plumping, glowing, balancing, hydrating and of course, improving the overall appearance for more youthful looking skin. We love our sea buckthorn oil and wanted to offer you more options with broader range of botanicals that smell wonderful and take you to another realm of luxury. If you are looking for a little variety in regards to smell, feel and overall regenerating luxury give this oil a try.

Should I still use the 100% sea buckthorn oil?

YES! Our ONE&DONE Sea Buckthorn Oil is intense. We LOVE it and so do the majority of our clients! Keep using it and reaping the multitude of benefits from this 1000 year old magic- healer.

We added the following careful ingredients:

  • Rose Hip Oil for brightening
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil for plumping and antioxidant healing 
  • CoQ10 for enhanced collagen production
  • Meadowfoam Oil for moisture locking/retention
  • Vitamin A, C and E for revealing more youthful looking skin...
    Just to name a few!

“Love the effects right after I put it on and it gives my skin this dewey, glowy look, without make up! Smells great and is beginning to work it’s miracles by plumping out my skin. LOVE IT!!!!!!!"
“I have been waiting for something exactly like this oil! I LOVE using this all the time because of it’s lighter texture and feel and knowing I am getting all these amazing benefits all day long. PS….I still love the ONE&DONE oil at night!! Thank you Swell Skin!”


Naturally derived and preservative free ingredients. Combination botanical oil with sea buckthorn.

Check out the complete Ingredient List here.


SWELL SKIN Naturally-Derived Preservative-Free Skincare Ingredients

Nature’s brilliant, proactive botanicals promote even-toned, youthful skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.


 Kelli Klus - Swell Skin Founder

 BARE FACE Botanical Beauty 🌿
Founder Kelli Klus shares her philosophy behind skincare and how the new BARE FACE Facial Treatment Oil came to be the latest addition to the Swell Skin Family.






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