Give Your Skin a Cosmetic Diet

Give Your Skin a Cosmetic Diet

Sometimes we just need to give our skin a breather and not use any products.

Your skin tries very hard to maintain homeostasis, the perfect balance. If we use too many products, our skin doesn’t get the chance to show off and do its innate job of maintaining healthy skin. If I had to rank the skin’s basic needs, I would say antioxidants are a lot more important than moisturizing if you had to choose one. After all, giving your skin antioxidants does not stop it from doing its job of moisturizing itself. A healthy dose of anti-oxidants helps your skin produce moisture and repair tissue; they work under neath on the cellular level to improve the condition of the outer layer.

Sometimes too much moisturizer can be the culprit. The effects of moisturizer can be superficial and short-lived if we are not using the correct formulation. We tend to believe if we have dry skin we need more moisturizer; actually we need the right moisturizer, one with antioxidants and vitamins and bioactive ingredients and fatty acids. Read our blog post Oil vs. Moisturizers to learn more.

Swell Skin’s Sea Buckthorn oil is a powerhouse of antioxidants to give your skin the healthiest ingredients so it can return to you your healthiest skin. Read more about the amazing properties of Sea Buckthorn and its miraculous effect on your skin.

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