5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season

5 Ways To Stay Healthy This Season

1.  Believe in a Healthy State

Ranked #1 for a reason. The strongest signals our cells receive is from our perceptions of the environment. I cannot tell you how many times, okay hundreds, I have been exposed to cold/flu germs and never caught the virus.

Why did I not get it but someone else did?  I can assure you that I am not an avid hand washer, in fact I appreciate germs and the role they play to keep us healthy and challenge our immune system to respond over and over again. I did not get sick because I knew I would not get sick.  I believed it, my subconscious mind believed it and hence my cells believed it.

2. Get More Sleep  

Statistically proven, sleep and stress levels can have a major effect on your health. If you are feeling over burdened from home or work life, you may be more susceptible to cold and flu infections.  Stress levels can affect our bodies ability to get restorative sleep that heals and keeps us healed. 

The reason? Cortisol stress hormone levels decrease at rest, while growth hormone and beta endorphin levels rise to aid in cell regeneration. The body is in a constant state of damage and repair. Cellular repair is great when you're young, but less so as you increase in age. Good, quality sleep is essential in pushing for more repair as we age. So find ways to get more sleep!

3. Drink LOTS of Water 

For the times that we cannot tap into these deep beliefs.  Drink tons of water!  Flush out toxins, germs, fats and more to make sure everything is flowing through you rather than remaining stagnant where it can do damage.  Don’t give those germs that you happen to pick up a place to stay, instead -  flush away.  

4. Focus on the Good Stuff!  

Our cells are either in the open/growth mode or closed/survival mode. What determines either is the information the receptor receives from it’s environment. When we are happily moving through life, our cells are open to receive nutrients and growth.  When we are focusing on anger/resentment and not enough, our cells receive the signal to shut down; which in turn does not allow for growth/healing/nutrients.  Sound familiar?  Refer to our blog about happiness.

5. Look Into Homeopathy

If all else fails and you become ill, look into homeopathic remedies. As a homeopath, I have had so much success with Gelsenium and Kali Mur - Two homeopathic remedies for helping with viral conditions including the current virus that has everyone on edge. Of course, the remedy Oscillococcinum works wonders also for cold and flu season.  Check out the brands Bioron and Hyland for homeopathic remedies. Other powerful immunity-boosters include: Acetyl Glutathione, Probiotics, and MCT Oil.*

Check out our past blog article on glutathione:
Glutathione - "One of the Greatest Disease Fighters"

The most powerful antioxidant in the body, glutathione works as a triple threat to toxins. It neutralizes free radicals, enhances the immune system and detoxifies the liver. In terms of staying healthy, it is one of the most important molecules in the body.

Glutathione (gloota-thigh-own) is the mother of all antioxidants. Most antioxidants have a short life span, sacrificing itself to wipe out a free radical (Almost every chronic illness known to human kind has been linked to free radical induced tissue damage. Anti-oxidants wipe out free radicals.). Glutathione recharges those antioxidants by bringing spent ones back to life and recharging itself in the process. Our levels of glutathione change due to the following:

Around 45 our levels start to slip as much as 50% below optimal.

Roughly half of Americans are missing some of the genes necessary to produce enough of the antioxidant.

Some chronic illness can deplete our levels. As you detoxify, your body uses up more of the glutathione levels. 


Self care is important this time of year and always. Find joy and gratitude in all of life's abundance. Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay strong this season! 🧡


* The statements in this article are not intended to treat medical conditions. please check with your doctor prior to taking homeopathic or nutritional supplements.
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