Get Your "Best Skin Ever" With Sea Buckthorn Oil

Get Your "Best Skin Ever" With Sea Buckthorn Oil

Wouldn’t you agree that every time we scroll through our social media feeds or see ads on TV, the latest and greatest “miracle ingredient” for our skin is being advertised?

Let’s be honest, it happens a lot!

Usually, though, these are hardly “new” ingredients at all; as is the case with the ingredient we’re exploring today… Sea buckthorn!  In fact sea buckthorn is over 1,000 years old which adds to its reputation as the “elixir of youth” in many ancient cultures. Swell Skin is a sea buckthorn-based, botanical skin care line. 

Where does sea buckthorn come from?

Thriving in cold climates and harvested in mountainous and coastal areas of Europe, Asia, as well as Canada, sea buckthorn is an ingredient that is beneficial for all skin types and many skin conditions.

Also often referred to as seaberry, sandthorn, and sallowthorn; seabuckthorn has been a thriving industry in Eurasia for centuries for its nutritional, medicinal, and healing values.

Although traditionally used to combat radiation and regenerate skin in Europe (Chernobyl nuclear incident burn victims were treated with it), seabuckthorn has many other applications that have only recently “caught on” in North America. 

What are the nutritional benefits of seabuckthorn?

Packing a nutrient heavy punch for all skin types from oily to dry and in between, seabuckthorn is the one plant source containing every single omega fatty acid, which is good news for vegans and vegan skincare lovers!

Seabuckthorn is also the most abundant plant source of Omega-7 fatty acid in the world! Omega-7 is known to activate functions of the skin that work to reduce scars and burns caused by oxidative damage (sun exposure or radiation therapy) when applied topically. 

It’s not just Omega-7 fatty acid that contributes to the skin healing benefits of seabuckthorn of course. This orange-red superfruit contains the most potent antioxidant profile of all superfruits, along with flavonoids, over 190 phytonutrients, polyphenols, vitamins C, K, E, as well as minerals of potassium and copper.

Why is sea buckthorn especially beneficial for anti-aging 

Renowned for its anti-aging benefits, seabuckthorn is suitable for all skin types (especially dry skin types) to reap its skin repairing properties. Not only does sea buckthorn oil help hydrate the skin, but it also promotes collagen production which is essential for maintaining youthful skin. Seabuckthorn works to plump the skin, smooth lines, and wrinkles, and prevent sagging. This leads to a clearer complexion, brighter skin, and smoother skin texture. 

Regularly using seabuckthorn oil goes a long way in restoring youthful skin seemingly overnight. This miracle oil has been touted as giving our beautiful customers here at Swell Skin their “best skin ever!” Experience the beautifying properties of seabuckthorn in our ONE & DONE Sea Buckthorn Oil Moisturizer, as well as our Seabuckthorn BARE FACE Facial Radiance Bar.

"I started using Swell Skin almost a year and it's wonderful. I turned 40 this year and I have the best skin of my life. I used to breakout lightly around that time of the month, but no longer. My skin looks bright and even and I couldn't be happier. I've always had large pores that make my skin look eh, but the oil takes care of that and gives me soft and smooth looking skin. Thank you!"     - Leslie



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